Discover which dangers lurk ahead – at Sophos' 'See the Future' event

Invitation to lunch, workshops and talks

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Promo Cybersecurity software firm Sophos is inviting IT professionals to "See the Future" at The Brewery, near the Barbican in London, on Tuesday 9 October.

Starting at 8.45am and continuing until 4.15pm, this free event will include lunch in elegant 18th century surroundings. In between talks and breakout sessions, the experts from Sophos will cover everything from the latest ransomware threats to current trends in IT security and how to future-proof your organisation.

Attendees will gain an insider’s view on the company’s latest technology developments, the innovations it has in the pipeline and its business strategy.

Sophos CEO Kris Hagerman and Dan Schiappa, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Products, will be the main speakers. They will also be available for informal talks and questions.

Likely to be the star attraction will be keynote speaker Alexis Conran, best known for his appearances on The Real Hustle, the BBC3 programme exposing scams and cons. Cook, raconteur, magician, card-shark and hustler, Alexis will tell you everything you need to know about risk, communication and body language.

Curious about today’s threat landscape? In this breakout session, a virtual tour of SophosLabs will give attendees an insight into the current threat landscape and its impact on IT security. See a live demonstration of some of the data and bespoke systems SophosLabs uses to fend off today’s threats.

Crypto-ransomware looms over the threat landscape, not only fooling up-to-date anti-spam and web gateway appliances, but endpoint antivirus defences as well. Attend this breakout session to learn its history and explore today’s crypto-ransomware attacks. An overview of this shape-changing predator will benefit your wallet as well as your organisation’s productivity and intellectual properties.

Phishing attacks have seen a meteoric rise in the last year as attackers continue to share successful attack types. Find out how they have taken advantage of malware-as-a-service offerings on the dark web to step up attacks.

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