Serverless? It doesn’t have to be all or nothing

From FaaS to Lambda and beyond...

Got Tips?

Events Whether you want to experiment with some new projects, rebuild your organisation from the ground up, or just check you’re already on the right path, you should join us at Serverless Computing London in November.

Our lineup of speakers and workshops with leave you bursting with knowledge and inspiration, whether you’re looking to just dip your toes in the world of FaaS, Lambda and event-driven computing, or want to dive deep.

With keynote speakers Chad Arimura and Charity Majors, and conference sessions from the likes of Alex Ellis, you’ll hear from pioneers behind key elements of Serverless.

Speakers like Frazer Jamieson, Susanna Roden and Avi Deitcher will not just show you how to design and implement Serverless systems, but explain how they've implemented them themselves.

We'll also consider the challenges Serverless and FaaS throw up in areas like security, migration, management and ethics.

And with three optional deep dive workshops on day three, you can get really deep and hands-on with key technologies.

Throughout we'll ensure you and your colleagues are well fed and watered, meaning you can concentrate on increasing your knowledge and connecting with your peers and our speakers.

Best of all, early bird tickets are still available, meaning you can save £100s on both the conference and workshops. So what are you waiting for? Head over to the Serverless Computing London website now, and snap your tickets. See you in November. ®


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