Conference alert: Think you can save money by going Serverless?

Let's make it really easy for you…

Event Slotting serverless into your infrastructure could save you money in the long term, by allowing you to move to a pay-for-what-you-actually-use pricing model.

But if you want to save money in the short term, here’s a tip - grab yourself some early-bird tickets for our very own Serverless Computing London conference before they expire at the end of this week.

From November 12 to 14, we’ll be examining Serverless, FaaS, and more, with two days of superb conference speakers, and a third day of optional, deep dive workshops.

Like any newish area of tech there’s a lot of hype around Serverless, but our independent committee has put together a programme that cuts through this and puts the emphasis on the practical.

The result is a speaker lineup that will take you from key concepts and tools - including AWS Lamda, Microsoft Azure Functions, OpenFaaS, and OpenWhisk - through to development, deployment, monitoring and securing of serverless architectures and applications, and the management and migration issues this all represents.

This won’t be just theory - we’ll have reports from the front line with practitioners who’ve applied this in their own organisations.

And with three excellent all day optional workshops on day three, spanning Lambda, OpenWhisk and Kubeless, you can get really hands-on with key topics and technologies yourself.

This happens at 30 Euston Square in London, which means you’ll be supplied with excellent food and drink, a get together on the first night, and time and space to connect with the speakers and your fellow attendees.

The early bird offer will end on Friday, so head over to the Serverless Computing London website, choose your tickets, and save now. See you in November. ®

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