Huawei wants to print data centres for telcos to fling at governments

ShapeCloud scheme to build bit barns on demand

At Huawei's Operations Transformation Forum 2018 gabfest in Munich, Germany, this week, the Chinese giant teased "ShapeCloud" – a concept designed to help telcos build bit barns for government customers.

Huawei's grandly titled Data Center Integration Solution Domain General Manager Wang Wei said ShapeCloud has three flavors.

ShapeCloud for DC Facility was said to involve Huawei's MagicBlock modular data centre using 3D BIM (Building Information Modelling), energy-saving tech and a high-availability certification.

ShapeCloud for Hybrid IT has the operators using Huawei's CMP (multi-Cloud Management Platform) with a CloudMount migration platform and a CloudOps offering to optimise operations.

ShapeCloud for B2B is a digital government service solution and Huawei said it "achieves strategic cooperation with [China's] State Information Center and CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) to ensure cloud security compliance, to help operators build a secure, trusted, and smart government cloud".

Huawei described ShapeCloud as a "one-stop digital government public service portal, realise digital transformation and improve government service efficiency."

The Shenzhen corp has always had a strong focus on partnerships, and here it is offering to help telcos gain government customers – ones who tend to stick around and pay a lot. ®

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