Danube diss: Cloud spending to outstrip Slovakia's GDP this year

Have you ever been told that you're SaaSy?

What sector of tech is forecast to grow fatter than the Slovakian economy or Elon Musk’s ego in 2018? The cloud. Global spending on the fluffy white stuff is predicted by mystics at Gartner to reach $175.8bn this year.

If the House of Crystal Ball Strokers are right - they’ve been wrong before - then that will equate to a rise of 21 per cent on the $145.3bn that businesses and government splashed on the services globally in 2017.

Software-as-a-service remains the most favoured type of cloud to buy, with some $72.2bn projected to be ploughed into it - the area is expected to remain the dominant cloud with spending said to reach $113bn by 2021.

Craig Roth, research veep at Gartner, said of the shifting consumption of software:

“Organisations are steadily - but not exclusively - shifting their content environments to SaaS. Gartner expects that by 2019, the current enterprise content management market will devolve into purpose-built, cloud-based content solutions and solutions services applications.”

Cloudy business process services is estimated to leap from $42.2bn in calendar ’17 to $46.6bn this year and onto $58.1bn by 2021. Here, buyers expect “deep domain expertise” from the bringers of clouds - where don’t they? - and want providers that can “bridge legacy” tech.

The third highest spending area of cloud is infrastructure (system)-as-a-service: it is expected to net $31bn in 2017 and swell to $63bn by the end of the forecast period in three years' time.

Gartner said that IaaS-only vendors will become “niche players” as “organisations demand offerings with more breadth and depth for their hybrid environments”.

Platform-as-a-service is tipped to hit $15.2bn this year, rising to $27.7bn by 2021, and management and security services are forecast to reach $10.7bn in spending in 2018 and $16.3bn in the timeframe under analysis.

Cloud spending overall is touted to reach $278.3bn by 2021 - who knows if Elon's self-love will continue to grow exponentially, or if indeed, we can quantify it in dollar terms. But you get the point. ®

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