Mobile, on wheels, or in the cloud... how do you want to do AI?

Whatever you choose, you can learn more at MCubed

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Events Machine learning and artificial intelligence have moved out of the realms of academia into the world of real business – and the myriad applications and platforms that implies.

You can develop and run models on massively complex data-rich systems, just like the most lavishly funded academics, or get by with sparse data and crimped hardware resources, even running your models on mobile or edge devices. Or you can simply turn to the cloud.

Which is why the speaker lineup at our MCubed conference spans a wide range of industries, applications and form factors, highlighting how businesses like yours can experiment with and exploit the technology.

So in addition to our distinguished keynote speakers, Dr Joanna Bryson and Professor Dagmar Monett Diaz, we've got SAP's Lars Gregori showing you how to integrate machine learning models into iOS and Android applications and devices.

At the other end of the mobile scale, we have Abaco's Ross Newman discussing how GPUs are being used in military vehicles to enable AI-powered, real-time vision systems.

We will also have Sören Klemm discussing how to get the most from neural networks, even when your data and hardware resources are restricted, and Storystream's Dr Janet Bastiman talking about how to develop a resource-centric approach to drive out inefficiencies.

This is just a sample of the whole lineup, which will take you from the basics of AI and ML, through key technologies and platforms, and highlight real world implementations in areas such as finance, engineering, energy, and consumer.

To take you deeper still, we have an optional third day of workshops covering key technologies and techniques, including PySpark and TensorFlow, and applying DevOps, Containers and the Cloud to Machine Learning. For a full explanation of how to move from data to model to deployment, check out this session with Kate Kilgour and industry veteran Mark Whitehorn. Some of our workshops are sold out or close to sold out, so be quick.

This all happens at 30 Euston Square between October 15 and 17. We'll ensure you're well supplied with food and drink, as well as knowledge and expertise. This is also the location of our in-depth, optional day-three workshops.

So to secure your place, head over to the MCubed website now and ensure you've got a front-row seat.


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