Head for sunny Nice to catch up with the fast-moving world of software development

DevOps World | Jenkins World makes its European debut

Promo A survey by analyst firm Forrester found last year that half of its developer respondents had already rolled out DevOps practices, and a further 27 percent plan to do so.

As rapid DevOps adoption transforms the business world, it is no surprise that the newly named DevOps World | Jenkins World has grown tenfold since the original Jenkins World conference in 2011, and is now the largest gathering of IT executives, DevOps practitioners, and Jenkins users.

This year, following on from the annual San Francisco event, an additional conference and expo is scheduled for 22-25 October in Nice, France, the first to be staged in Europe.

As well as talks from leading DevOps experts at the conference, the latest and greatest from the software industry will be on show, all topped off by a themed after-party for relaxation and serious networking.

Attendees will also benefit from a pre-conference programme of workshops and training, giving them the chance to become certified as a DevOps practitioner, Certified Jenkins Engineer, or Certified CloudBees Jenkins Engineer. Course topics range from deploying applications to a Kubernetes cluster, to getting the most out of Jenkins Pipeline, and a preview of what’s coming with Jenkins X.

More than 50 speaker sessions at the conference will cover DevOps topics from security, pipeline automation, containers, and continuous delivery best practices to adoption use cases.

High-profile keynote speakers include Sacha Labourey, chief executive officer of CloudBees, the event’s main sponsor, as well as the company’s chief product officer Christina Noren and Kohsuke Kawaguchi, chief technical officer and Jenkins founder. Plus, James Governor, analyst and cofounder of RedMonk, will explain why he likes to put developers first in his keynote address.

Here are just a few of the scheduled speakers and talks on the agenda:

  • Measuring and quantifying DevOps outcomes: Panel discussion led by Forrester’s Diego Lo Giudice
  • “Look ma, no hands” – Manage Jenkins configuration… as Code: Ewelina Wilkosz, IT consultant at Praqma, and Nicolas de Loof from CloudBees
  • Bumps, Bruises and Bandaids: Real-world Lessons from Practitioners: Jayne Groll, cofounder and CEO of the DevOps Institute
  • Continuous delivery the WRONG way! Michael Barbine, manager and software engineer at NS8 Inc
  • Microsoft, Linux, Open Source, Cloud + DevOps: Jessica Deen, cloud developer advocate for Microsoft

More details and registration can be found right here.

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