UKIP flogs latex love gloves: Because Brexit means Brexit

Safety first, folks. *Go on. Insert your joke about defending our borders below*

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The UK Independence Party is flogging multi-packs of rubber johnnies bearing the mug of former leader Nigel Farage. It is also unloading single packs for those more realistic about their chances of bedding someone this weekend or beyond.

The prophylactics, being peddled by UKIP’s youth wing - Young Independence – from their stall at today’s national conference in Birmingham, are said to be priced at £1 each or 4 for £2. Under a snap of Nigel’s smirking visage, the square packets sport the slogan "For when you have a hard Brexit".

A Mirror journo attending the conference spotted the condoms, though neither UKIP or the youth wing have yet confirmed their existence to The Reg.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Young Independence section of UKIP has tried to boost the party’s coffers by peddling safe sex bags: back in 2015 they sold branded condoms with the tag “Don’t waste an election”. Geddit?

Ironic really, because most of those rubbers were probably wasted - either tossed in the bin still in the wrapper or used by some members of the youth wing to aid a posh wank.

Opening a condom packet can be difficult at the best of times, but perhaps being confronted with the face of Farage while in the height of passion could pour cold water on the steam, which means safe sex is achieved, just maybe not in the way it was intended. ®


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