TensorFlow, Keras, CNNs and more... at MCubed

El Reg’s AI and Machine Learning conference lands next month

Events We’ll be opening the doors at MCubed in just over two weeks time, but there’s still time to grab your space at The Register and Heise’s hype-free exploration of machine learning, AI and data science.

Our distinguished keynote speakers, Dr Joanna Bryson and Prof Dagmar Monett Diaz, will delve into fundamental questions regarding human and machine intelligence.

After that, our range of conference sessions will take you from AI fundamentals and the required maths, to tips and tricks with key tools and methodologies such as TensorFlow, Keras, and Lime.

The emphasis throughout is on how businesses and other real world organisations can implement and benefit from AI and machine learning, and we have examples from organisations such as Deutsche Bahn, the Ordnance Survey, and the UK’s TTP.

Our speakers will use their practical experience to explain neural networks, reinforcement learning, mobile machine learning, and much much more. We’ll show you how to make your AI projects more efficient, show what happens when DevOps meets machine learning, and steer you away from vendor lock-in.

And you can delve even deeper on key topics with our optional day three workshops.

This all happens at 30 Euston Square, and because this conference is brought to you by The Register and Heise, you can ensure that the conversation will flow at lunch, and at our first night drinks party.

So, time is running out. Head to the MCubed website today, and secure your place. See you next month. ®

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