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HPE squirts cold data at on/off-prem object stores, adds capacity to StoreOnce for ever-increasing data firehose

Someone's gotta service that embiggening backup burden

HPE has beefed up its data protection product set, adding extra capacity and performance grunt, better Nimble array support and a fresh integration deal with Commvault.

The backdrop is ever-increasing amounts of data to back up, the need for faster recovery and better copy data management, and the continued use of on-premises and off-premises object storage for archiving data.

HPE has boosted its StoreOnce dedupe to disk backup appliances, with performance, capacity and manageability improvements.

Currently StoreOnce (PDF) comes as software-only (a VSA – virtual storage appliance) or as 3000, 5000 and 6600 appliances, with a range of capacity and performance levels:

  VSA 3100 3520 3540 5100 5600 6600
Min Usable Capacity 4TB 5.5TB 7.5TB 15.5TB 36TB 36TB 72TB
Max Usable 50TB 5.5TB 15.5TB 31.5TB 216TB 864TB 1768TB
Max Cloud Bank Usable 150TB 16.5TB 46.5TB 94.5TB 648TB 2592TB 5184TB
Ingest/hr with Catalyst 6.4TB 6.4TB 12.7TB 12.7TB 26.7TB 37.7TB 184TB

The new performance and capacity levels are:

  VSA 3620 3640 5200 5250 5650 8x VSA
Min Usable Capacity 4TB 16TB 36TB 36TB 72TB 72TB 32TB
Max Usable 500TB 31.5TB 108TB 216TB 864TB 1.7PB 4PB
Mx Cloud Bank Usable 1.5PB 94.5TB 324TB 648TB 2.6PB 5.1PB 12PB
Ingest/hr with Catalyst 36TB 14TB 18TB 33TB 41TB 47TB 288TB

The 3100 entry-level model has been replaced by the VSA, and the high-end 6600 model has been replaced by a federation of eight VSAs.

The products have been given increases in both capacity and ingest performance.

HPE claimed a federation of 20 StoreOnce Next Gen appliances can be managed in up to 95 per cent less time than a federation of the prior G3 StoreOnce appliances.

StoreOnce CloudBank was announced in May last year and provides AWS or Azure storage or on-premises object storage tiers for long-term retention. It copies unique data to the cloud and stores encrypted, self-describing backup data for cloud disaster recovery.

CloudBank supports AWS, Azure, IBM, COS, Scality RING and SUSE without having to use a separate cloud storage gateway or virtual appliance.

The v6.0 Recovery Manager Central (RMC) product now supports Nimble as well as 3PAR arrays and provides direct backup to StoreOnce arrays.

The firm has positioned RMC as a copy data management product, with ESG analyst Christophe Bertrand providing a canned quote about RMC's "automated and zero-impact data access for recovery, archive, analytics and application development".

HPE has done a deal with Commvault, integrating its new StoreOnce products with the data protection outfit to provide an alternative way of getting backups to the public cloud.

The GreenLake managed service products have had the new StoreOnce and Commvault integrations added to them.

The latest HPE StoreOnce products are available now, starting at $4,800 for the VSA. RMC 6.0 will be available December 2018 and comes standard with every HPE 3PAR and HPE Nimble Storage array. Commvault integration with HPE StoreOnce and GreenLake Backup are both currently available. ®

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