The weekend starts here... right after you've installed these critical Cisco bug patches

Coding screwups for Prime Infrastructure and DNA Center admins to slurp up

Cisco admins, maybe you'd like to clear your Friday, because there's a fresh batch of critical-rated vulnerabilities to assess and patch as needed.

The three worst bugs lie in Cisco's Prime Infrastructure and Digital Network Architecture (DNA) Center products, and are among 26 bugs disclosed this week.

One of the critical-rated programming cockups is a permission error that can be exploited to perform arbitrary file upload. An attacker could send a file using TFTP, allowing the miscreant to run commands on a Cisco Prime Infrastructure devices without authentication.

Admins can apply the patch, or they can disable TFTP and use SFTP or the Secure Copy Protocol instead.

DNA Center's two critical vulnerabilities are CVE-2018-15386 and CVE-2018-0448.

In CVE-2018-15386, an insecure default configuration can give a remote hacker unauthenticated access to critical management functions. In CVE-2018-0448, a number of critical management functions are insufficiently protected: “An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a valid identity management request to the affected system,” according to Switchzilla, letting miscreants modify the system and create new users.

There are also seven vulnerabilities rated high severity, in the table below...

Product CVE Type Impact
Webex Player and Webex Recording Player Multiple CVEs File validation errors Remote Code Execution
Cisco SD-WAN CVE-2018-15387 Certificate validation error Remote Code Execution
Hyperflex CVE-2018-15382 Static credential (signing key) Unauthorised Access
Firepower Threat Defense CVE-2018-15390 Memory exhaustion Denial of Service
Firepower Software Detection Engine CVE-2018-0455 Protocol Implementation Error (SMB v2 and v3) Denial of Service
Prime Collaboration Provisioning CVE-2018-15389 Static credential Unauthorised Access
Adaptive Security Appliance CVE-2018-15383 Memory exhaustion Denial of Service

The remaining vulnerabilities are rated medium. ®

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