Brits don't want their homes to be 'tech-tastic'

New survey: Just want a nice corner couch, me

A new survey by PwC shows that British homeowners are more concerned with practical applications and financial advantages rather than the need to be “tech-tastic” when it comes to smart technology at home.

The majority of participants (72 per cent) were uninterested in making their homes smarter, and were not looking to buy smart appliances, renewable energy devices or automated cleaning appliances over the next two to five years.

Research shows that they could be convinced if there were financial incentives such as reduced energy bills or free installation of smart energy meters or lights.

Less than 10 per cent of consumers were affected by pressure to keep up with tech-savvy friends and family with smart homes. Most respondents were equally unimpressed with the ability to control devices through an app, possibly preferring to stride over and flip the switch themselves.

For homeowners who did have smart technology in their homes, however, 95 per cent have noticed its "benefits". A further 81 per cent said they had a "positive experience" with smart heating. We're a little worried about the other 19 per cent.

“While people have been quick to embrace smart tech lifestyle products such as phones and tablets, many still don’t really understand the range of smart energy products on offer and the potential they have to ease their busy lives in a practical way or even reduce their energy bills. And therein lies the challenge – how can companies change this lack of knowledge into real know-how?”, said Richard Hepworth, head of digital utilities at PwC. ®

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