Microsoft claims Office 364 back to business as usual. Oh no it isn't, say suffering sysadmins

Utilitarian fix leaves minority of users still moaning

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Microsoft might be patting itself on the back prematurely for wrangling the technical gremlins that downed its Office 365 services for some users in the UK and the US.

Reports on Twitter from disgruntled admins about an online productivity suite-shaped hole in their lives began on Friday as users struggled to log in, and then restarted again yesterday.

Getting information from Microsoft wasn't easy – some complained that Microsoft had acknowledged the unscheduled downtime but said little else to explain what had gone wrong or when it would be fixed.

Microsoft said at 2324 UTC last night that it had "rolled back" recent changes made "in the environment" and some users reported the impact had been mitigated for errors SP152610 and EX152471 – the latter error was related to users being repeatedly asked to log in.

Today Microsoft triumphantly leapt onto Twitter to tell anyone who cared to listen that everything Office 365 was functioning as intended.

Not so, according to some admins based in the US and UK, who complained they still had users that remain stuck in the credential loop.

The Register again asked Microsoft for a detailed technical explanation of what went wrong with Office 365, and why some users continue to suffer at the suite's hand.

We know some Microsoft PRs at the Future Decoded gabfest in London today and tomorrow, and those prawn sandwiches are tasty. Maybe we'll hear from them on Friday. ®


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