Heart Internet stops beating, starts Monday with big portion of FAIL

Do you have a service, Heart, or is that web blackout all there is today?

Webs will wobble and frequently fall down, but it is the way that cloud or hosting providers manage this that sets them apart. On this Monday morning, Heart Internet isn't distinguishing itself from the great and good in a positive way.

Services from the web hosting biz, the fifth largest in the UK, fell over in the wee hours of this morning and still hadn't woken up at the time of writing, more than seven hours later.

Heart Internet used its status page to confirm that all was not well at 0314 GMT, but said it had dispatched the big guns.

"We are currently experiencing some network connectivity issues in our data centre. Our most senior networks team is currently investigating this as a top priority, and we will update you here again as soon as possible. Apologies for any inconvenience caused."

There was then silence as its techies worked away on the bothersome bit barn-caused blackout, and it got back to customers at 0924 GMT with a minor update.

"Work to resolve this issue is ongoing and fixes and changes to network routing are being rolled out currently, we will update this page as soon as we have any more to report," the status page stated.

One Reg reader who relies on the web hosting biz urged it to provide better data on fixes, and claimed the issue was not isolated: "This shower of a hosting company have had at least one long outage a month every month for the last year," he claimed.

As Heart Internet's website is currently returning a 503, El Reg was forced to seek additional comment from the company via Twitter. And it seems lots of others have been forced to use that route too.

It seems quite a few resellers that sell Heart Internet's services are getting pissed off, too.

Oh, and customers should be prepared for a wait today.


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