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The PCIe bus is coming, and everybody's jumping... New York to San Francisco, an NVMe disco

The wheels of steel are turnin' and traffic lights are burnin'...

A lot of vendors have looked to NVMe amongst the other cloud, software and hyperconverged tidbits in storage roundup this week, but let's start with some updates.

Blocks and Files has reported that Komprise file lifecycle management customers now have more cold data storage options.

The Fujitsu-NetApp converged NFLEX system, which is only sold in the EMEA territories, gained certification for SAP Business Suite to S/4HANA and BW/4HANA deployments.

Startup Burlywood added NVMe support to its build-it-yourself flash controller software package.

Veeam lost its co-CEO Peter McKay, who is moving onto unexplained new endeavours. The CEO and COO exec area was re-staffed promptly.

NVMe-over-Fabrics array software startup Excelero added NVMe running across TCP and Fibre Channel to its NVMesh software, providing a migration route for existing iSCSI and FC SAN users to move to NVMe-oF.

To complete an NVMe hat-trick, Fujitsu said future ETERNUS storage arrays would support both NVMe drives and NVMe-oF access.

Then, to show NVMe-oF array access superiority in UK academia, Queen Mary University of London front-ended a DDN GridScaler array, previously thought high performance, with an E8 NVMe-oF D24 all flash array, relegating the GridScaler to a capacity storage role.

Late in the week, we learnt that four ex-3PAR/HPE storage execs, led by David Scott, were returning to the startup fray with Nebulon, focused on cloud-defined storage for hybrid IT. It is an early stage startup still recruiting a basic roster of engineers so we'll have to be patient about its progress.

The firm has said there is more in the works, such as an HCI supplier report and data repatriation from the public cloud. ®

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