Dell upping its margins again: Precision 5530 laptop will sting you for $13m. Yep, six zeroes

The monster workhorse with price tag to match

El Reg's editorial team does not typically cheerlead any tech. We are dispassionate observers sat at the side of the industry's sales super highway. Or something like that. The latest offer from Dell, however, was too tempting to ignore.

The Precision 5530 is Dell's "thinnest, lightest and smallest 15 inch mobile workstation", a mid-range device that sits below the 7530 and 7730 models and gives low-end servers a run for their money.

U wot m8? (click to enlarge)

The only problem? The eye-watering price that even after a whopping discount remained too high and out of reach for all of us in Vulture Towers, even for the owners of the business.

Apparently, the Precision 5530 was being sold for the original price of $20,002,151.65. After a discount of $7,000,753.08, the workstation was the more sensible $13,001,398.57. A relative bargain.

Presumably the NHS will be ordering these workstations like they are going out of fashion. At that price they'd be mad not to. After all, with the extra £350m that will be freed up when Britain exits the EU, there'll be loads of cash swilling around to upgrade everything.

If only. ®

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