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Beware the trusted insider

Webcast If you like true crime stories, you already know that at the end the criminal is usually revealed to be someone the victim knew well.

The same is often true of cybercrime. Organisations might put in as many layers of IT security as they can in an attempt to keep the criminals out, but meanwhile the real threat to their precious data could already be inside.

A poorly vetted subcontractor, a privileged client, an employee tempted to steal or another falling for a well-crafted phishing attack all have the potential to cause significant damage simply because they are considered trustworthy and are close to the organisation’s systems and data.

How do you deal with the dangers that your multitude of security measures fail to prevent? And how can you balance the need for pre-emptive action with intrusiveness?


Insider threat incidents can be motivated by a variety of reasons, from mere carelessness to criminal intent and international espionage. Understanding why you might be a target is a start in helping you build an effective insider threat strategy. More important than imagining every possible scenario is analysing how breaches take place. What user behaviours indicate an attempted raid on data? Which risk factors are most important to track?

The more visibility you have into user behaviour, and the better your alerting systems are, the more likely you are to catch an incident in progress and put a stop to it before it causes devastation and lands you in the headlines.

Join our on-demand webcast to hear Simon Sharp from ObserveIT outline his five step programme for dealing with insider threat incidents, from assessment to visibility and enforcement. You will learn about some high-profile cases and how you can prevent anything like them happening to you. The presenter, as ever, is Reg resident expert Jon Collins.

We broadcast live on 22 November at 11am GMT (12pm CET). Sign up right here.

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