Prepare for the battle against cybercrime at SANS London 2019

Discover the latest attacks, learn the best defence tactics

Promo No matter how sophisticated your security precautions are, you can never assume your computer systems are impenetrable. Only the most alert and highly skilled defenders can fight off determined cybercriminals who know how to circumvent today’s advanced security and monitoring tools.

If you want to join the ranks of the elite defenders, the SANS Threat Hunting London event from 14-19 January 2019 is an essential destination. A choice of five hands-on, immersive security courses will arm you with the skills you need to protect your organisation from computer threats, as well as offer the chance to prepare for a prized GIAC Certification.

Choose between these courses...

  • Hacker tools, techniques, exploits and incident handling
    Delve into the cybercriminals’ hacking tools and techniques, from cutting-edge insidious attack vectors down to the golden oldies that are still going strong. Follow a step-by-step process for responding to incidents and explore the legal issues surrounding areas such as employee monitoring, working with law enforcement and handling evidence. A hands-on workshop will help you to discover the holes in your system before the bad guys do.
  • Continuous monitoring and security operations
    Once attackers have found a way into an organisation, they know the lack of internal security will allow them to carry out their mission. Timely intervention is critical. Topics such as defensible security architecture, network security monitoring and continuous diagnostics will teach you to detect anomalies that could indicate criminal behaviour.
  • Advanced digital forensics, incident response and threat hunting
    A government agency contacts you to say an advanced threat group is targeting organisations like yours and it suspects you already have several breached systems. It’s a nightmare scenario that could happen, and the answer is threat hunting: using known adversary behaviours to stop intrusions while they are happening – rather than after attackers have done their worst. Catch up with the latest fast-moving developments in threat hunting and incident response tactics.
  • Advanced network forensics: threat hunting, analysis and incident response
    Whether it’s a case of intrusion, data theft or misuse by employees, the network often provides the clearest view of the incident in post-incident investigations. Learn how to expand forensic information from residual data on storage media and past or current network communications.
  • Reverse-engineering malware: analysis tools and techniques
    This is a popular course which helps forensic investigators, security engineers and IT administrators to understand malicious programs that target Windows systems. The course shows how to reverse-engineer malicious software using monitoring utilities, a disassembler, a debugger and many other freely available tools. Learn to turn malware inside out.

Full details and registration information are here.

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