Black(out) Friday for HSBC: iOS and Android banking apps on the fritz

Christmas soon, probably best you don't look anyway

UK customers of HSBC hoping to check their balances before heading to the pub for a Friday beverage or eight found themselves out of luck today.

The bank admitted having problems with its mobile app in a tweet at 10:35, urging customers to head straight for online services, which are apparently in rude health.

Good advice, except that, er, in some cases users kind of need the app to function in order to access said services.

Customers began to experience difficulties before 09:00, with HSBC's hardworking social media team firing apology after apology.

The Register spoke with HSBC and were told the problem was "intermittent". The bank then urged customers to keep prodding their recalcitrant iOS or Android devices in the hope of getting a response.

Angry man wields keyboard at a computer

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A corporate mouthpiece said: "We ask that customers retry logging in, or they can access online banking services via their internet browser. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. We're investigating, and will provide further updates as available."

As for getting the all-important security code for internet banking, the spokesperson told us that "customers can opt to login with their memorable word and password". How delightfully retro.

It has not been a great few months for HSBC. An outage at the end of September presented users with errors on their smartphones. Still, at least customers can pop into a local branch if needs be, right? Oh, wait. Never mind.

The bank, along with many others, now faces the ire of the Treasury Committee, which is carrying out an inquiry into what it described as an "astonishing" number of failures in the sector. This latest whoopsie won't help one bit. ®

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