Tighten up your security defences at SANS London 2019

Ten intensive courses cover all the cyber security skills you need

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Promo Defending organisations against security attacks is an ongoing challenge, with new threats constantly emerging to test the beleaguered security professional.

Heighten the skills and knowledge you need to square up to the cybercriminals at SANS London 2019 from 11-16 February. The week-long event provides the well-known SANS immersion training through a larger than usual range of courses aimed at all security roles and levels.

Choose between these 10 courses...

  • Security Essentials Bootcamp style
    If there were compromised systems on your network, would you be able to find them? Do you know how effective every security device is and whether all are configured correctly? Are proper security metrics set up and communicated to your executives? This course provides the answers in a bootcamp-style format reinforced with hands-on labs.
  • Intrusion detection in-depth
    Security measures are moving from the perimeter to the protection of permanently connected mobile systems. Learn the underlying theory of TCP/IP and application protocols such as DNS and HTTP, and practise using open source tools such as tcpdump, Wireshark, Snort, Bro, tshark, and SiLK.
  • Hacker tools, techniques, exploits and incident handling
    Follow a step-by-step response to computer incidents and explore the ways attackers undermine systems. The course also covers legal issues such as employee monitoring, working with law enforcement and handling evidence.
  • Securing Linux/Unix
    In-depth coverage of Linux and Unix security issues includes configuration guidance and real-world examples, tips and tricks. Examine the general problems in all Unix-like operating systems and learn to use freely available security tools such as SSH, AIDE, sudo and lsof.
  • Web app penetration testing and ethical hacking
    Discover a repeatable process to spot web application flaws and learn how to alert your organisation to the business risk. A capture the flag event on the final day drives home the penetration testing lessons.
  • Network penetration testing and ethical hacking
    Comprehensive coverage of tools, techniques and methodologies for network penetration testing. Study a target's infrastructure by mining blogs, search engines and social networking sites.
  • Advanced digital forensics, incident response and threat hunting
    Prevention systems alone won’t stop determined adversaries who know how to get past security and monitoring tools: defenders need to catch intrusions in progress, rather than after attackers have done their worst. Threat hunting uses known adversary behaviours to identify new data breaches.
  • Mac and iOS forensic analysis and incident response
    Investigating Apple devices is no longer a niche skill. This constantly updated course teaches the techniques and skills necessary to take on any Mac or iOS case.
  • Cyber threat intelligence
    Malware is the adversary's tool but the real threat is the human one. Acquire the art of analysing an adversary's intent, opportunity and capability to do harm.
  • ICS/SCADA Security essentials
    The course is designed to help traditional IT personnel understand the design principles underlying control systems and addresses the need for control system engineers and operators to understand their role in cybersecurity.

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