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Amazon makes lift-and-shift play for Windows File, Lustre workloads

FSx off on-premises guys

Amazon is in on-premises application landgrab mode and has released two fully managed services that lift and shift Windows File Server and Lustre workloads to AWS.

The FSx for Windows File Server and FSx for Lustre are both based on SSD hardware and landed this week.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server supports the SMB protocol v2.0 through v3.1.1) and is fully compatible with Active Directory - integration is built-in - and Access Control Lists. It is a native Windows file system and accessible from EC2 instances, Workspaces virtual desktops, Appstream v2.0 applications and VMware Cloud on AWS.

It delivers consistent, sub-millisecond latency, AWS said, with file systems up to 64TB in size and delivering up to 2GB/sec throughput. Data is stored in redundant form in an AWS availability zone and Microsoft DFS can be used to set up automatic replication and failover between them.

AWS has paid attention to arguments that its in-cloud data protection is poor. FSx for Windows File Server has Incremental file-system consistent backups taken automatically every day, with the option to take additional backups when needed.

Windows File Server users now have an alternative to Azure if they want to head towards the public cloud.


Amazon FSx for Lustre is a parallel file system that supports sub-millisecond access to petabyte-scale file systems. It's intended for data lakes, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Machine Learning and media processing workloads, as you'd expect.

AWS said thousands of simultaneous clients (EC2 instances and on-premises servers) can drive millions of IOPS and transfer hundreds of gigibytes of data per second. The Lustre file system can be standalone or wrapped around an S3 bucket.

The hardware base is said to be NVMe SSDs and designed to deliver 200MB/s of aggregate throughput at 10,000 IOPS for every 1 TiB of provisioned capacity. You buy 3.6TiB increments.


Both Amazon FSx for Windows File Server and AWS FSx Lustre are available now in the US East (North Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), and Europe (Ireland) Regions, with expansion to other regions planned for the coming months.

Pricing is based on the amount of storage provisioned, starting at $0.14 per GiB per month. ®

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