Naked women cleaning biz smashes patriarchy by introducing naked bloke gardening service

'We won't go too close with the chainsaws and whatnot'

Lazy perverts of all genders, get in here. Australia has the household service for you.

Bare All Cleaning, which sends women round to do chores in the buff, has hit back at claims of sexism by rolling out a gardening service performed by naked blokes.

No, not that kind of gardening service. Actual gardening, like... hedge trimming.

"We're a naked cleaning and gardening service, we're all across Australia but we've recently come to Adelaide," founder Brett Jones told Seven News.

"Whatever floats your boat, we can try and cater for that."

Hate ironing and folding (seriously, who even does that)? AU$90 an hour will get a scantily clad or Full Monty cleaner to do it for you. If $650 is burning a hole in your pocket, a team of two will "cook and clean", the telly news channel reported.

Wet T-shirt window washing and after-party clean-ups for the hungover round out the female side of the offering.

To counter "a barrage" of totally "unfounded" accusations of sexism, Jones started sister biz Bare All Gardeners.

And it appears new recruit Leeroy Evans couldn't be happier with his hiring. "It's kind of liberating, everybody likes to get their kit off now and again. It's all natural," he said.

"Vitamin D is great for your skin.

"Obviously we won't go too close with the chainsaws and whatnot."

The Australian public is a bit "Yeah, nah".

"It's pretty disgusting, wouldn't you say?" said one chap interviewed on the street. "It sounds like borderline prostitution."

The firm enforces a "look but don't touch" policy, though admitted that it once had to remove a worker who was "at risk" of harassment. "They're there to do the job, they're not there to provide a sex service," Jones said.

Er, are you sure that's not what they're already doing, mate? ®

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