Webinar: Supermicro and Intel offer a taste of cloud innovations

Test your own workload at their Cloud Center of Excellence

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Promo Server giant Supermicro recently teamed up with Intel to set up its Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) at its logistics hub and manufacturing facility in the Netherlands.

The CCoE, featuring the company's complete range of Intel-based application-optimised solutions, is designed to bring together the best of the two companies' technologies and offer customers an opportunity to try out real-life workloads on Supermicro infrastructure.

If you are a cloud service provider interested in the latest cloud technology innovations or an enterprise customer wanting to evaluate a transition to the cloud, you can learn everything you need to know about the CCoE by signing up to Supermicro's webinar on Thursday 13 December, starting at 3pm GMT.

Chris Feltham, industry technical specialist, cloud service providers at Intel UK, will outline prevailing cloud trends and examine the cutting-edge products arising from the partnership between the two tech leaders. Milos Krasojevic, CCoE system product manager, will focus on how the new facility will benefit customers from all industries in making crucial cloud technology investment decisions.

Other essential information includes:

  • Details of the range of technology available for customers to test
  • When it will become available
  • Why Supermicro and Intel have embarked on this initiative
  • Where to find the CCoE
  • How to sign up to run a proof of concept

To top it all, there's a chance to win a set of Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones.

Read more and sign up here.

Sponsored by Supermicro.


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