Fill the gaps in your security knowledge at SANS London April 2019

New and tested training courses cover every angle

Promo As data thieves and hackers become more numerous, more inventive and more destructive, learning to protect themselves against cybercrime is ever higher on the list of companies' priorities.

SANS London 2019 from 8-13 April promises to provide the training that security professionals at all levels need to defend their organisations. A choice of nine lab-heavy courses is on offer, along with a chance to gain valuable GIAC Certification. Attendees are assured they will be able to put their newfound skills into practice immediately.

The choices include:

  • Enterprise threat and vulnerability assessment
    A new course aimed at professionals securing 10,000 or more systems in mid-sized to large organisations. Newfound skills are put to the test on the final day against an enterprise-grade cyber range.
  • Open-source intelligence (OSINT) gathering and analysis
    How to find and analyse internet data, focusing on the techniques used by threat intelligence analysts, private investigators, insurance claims investigators and law enforcement officers. Hands-on labs will explore the live internet and dark web.
  • Security essentials bootcamp style
    Would you be able to find compromised systems on your network? Do you know if each security device is configured correctly? Are proper security metrics set up and understood by your executives?
  • Hacker tools, techniques, exploits, and incident handling
    Follow a step-by-step response to computer incidents and learn about legal issues such as employee monitoring, working with law enforcement and handling evidence.
  • Cloud security architecture and operations
    A brief introduction to cloud security fundamentals followed by the critical concepts of cloud policy and governance. Learn about adapting security processes to the cloud and delve into incident handling, forensics, event management and application security.
  • SIEM with tactical analytics
    Logging systems collect vast amounts of data which require an understanding of the varied sources for proper analysis. Discover the when, what and why behind the logs. Lab work uses SOF-ELK, a free security information and event management (SIEM) solution.
  • Windows forensic analysis
    Learn how to recover and analyse forensic data on Windows systems and track user activity on your network for incident response and investigations.
  • Advanced digital forensics, incident response, and threat hunting
    Defenders need to catch intrusions in progress, rather than after attackers have done their worst. Learn to recognise adversary behaviours to spot new data breaches.
  • Advanced smartphone forensics
    An in-depth course revealing the techniques investigators use to recover and interpret evidence from mobile devices.

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