Non-profit? Into DevOps, CI/CD, Containers? There’s a CLL ticket with your name on it

You just need to tell us who you are...

Events If you’re heading down the path of DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Containers and all the rest, we’re guessing part of your plan is to save money, or at least spend it as efficiently as possible. But let’s face it, nothing beats free, does it?

That’s why we’d like to give away 20 tickets for our Continuous Lifecycle London conference to non-profit organisations and charities, on a first come, first served basis.

These will get you full access to the keynotes and conference sessions, as well as our all-day refuelling including the first night drinks. So, as well as learning from our supremely knowledgeable speakers, you’ll be able to connect with your extremely knowledgeable fellow attendees.

All we ask is that you’re a genuine non-profit organisation, with a genuine interest in benefiting from the topics we’ll be discussing.

If you fit the bill, or you know someone who does, you can get in touch by heading to the contact page on the CLL website here. ®

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