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Straight outta Blighty: Readers, if you were a tech billionaire, what would you do?

Offshore, don't care?

Reader poll Nothing splits The Reg readers, or the UK, quite like a discussion on where to put the jam in its scone, so we decided to ask you what, indeed, you would do if you were a tech billionaire on the eve of a potentially, er, disorderly Brexit.

Just yesterday, for example, it emerged that Brexit backer billionaire and founder of eponymous tech firm Sir James Dyson had decided to move the HQ from the UK to Singapore while Sony has seen fit to dodge potential "customs issues" by shifting its boss crew to the Netherlands.

But with Europe's chief negotiator for the UK exiting the EU saying the "default" for the UK is still crashing out if MPs can't agree on what Brexit should look like (though whether or not there'll be a Brexit is still an issue), there's everything to play for.

Yes, it's the slowest-paced political bunfight since people started asking themselves: "Holy Roman Emperor, Batman, who put the Habsburgs in charge?"

Have your say below, or if none of the options are shouty enough for you, get stuck into the comments, which we are happy to note are now threaded for your pleasure. ®

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