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Security webinar: Discover the AWS blueprint for breaking intrusion kill chains

Defend your cloud data from military-style attacks

Promo If you think an intrusion kill chain sounds like really bad news, you are absolutely right. A kill chain is a military term for the structure of an attack: target identification, force dispatch, order to attack, and finally destruction of the target.

Many cyber attackers have successfully adopted the same methodology to identify an IT system’s weaknesses, breach its defences, and steal or compromise an organisation’s data. It is the job of information security officers and cybersecurity practitioners to draw up an effective anti-kill chain strategy that will stop the criminals. Done right, the plan should offer protection against even the most sophisticated attacks, and work as effectively in the cloud as in on-premise systems.

Find out how to integrate the critical stages in your intrusion kill chain strategy into the capabilities in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud by attending the company's security webinar on Wednesday, 6 February. It starts at 10am GMT and lasts an hour.

The webinar will explain how to break intrusion kill chains using AWS's cloud-specific blueprint, and includes an updated perspective on the original model pioneered by Lockheed Martin.

The webinar presenter is Tim Rains, AWS regional leader for security and compliance in Europe. A highly experienced IT security veteran, Rains has previously held posts as director of cybersecurity strategy at giant gaming company Las Vegas Sands and as global chief security advisor for Microsoft.

As a bonus, all webinar attendees will receive an exclusive preview of the technical whitepaper Breaking Intrusion Kill Chains Using AWS, which includes kill chain feature mapping for AWS security services.

More details and sign up form here.

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