Plusnet vows to shove a sword in members area 'White Screen Of Death'

Affected customers will be able to view their bills. Rejoice!

Plusnet customers suffering from the "White Screen of Death" need fret no more as the Brit broadband pusher has told The Register that its member orifice will be fine and dandy by the end of today.

Affected customers have spent weeks complaining of problems with the company's members area, where users can view items such as their online bills. In some cases, users have been struggling for months, judging by the Plusnet's support forums.

One forum thread, which kicked off back in September 2018, began with an update made to the BT Group-owned company's billing system that saw some customers struggling to access their details, having to change browser or clear local data to persuade the thing to work.

Register readers might remember the borked September upgrade that left a "handful" of users seeing "incorrect information".

While support staff braved the choppy waters of the forum, affected users attempted to diagnose problems for themselves as September rolled into October. November came around, and still the thread grew with users struggling with the updated billing system.

Customers began dubbing the problem "the White Screen of Death" in yet another support thread, started in January, as some took to Twitter to demonstrate the problem:

Plusnet's harassed support staff have continued to manually provide bills for afflicted customers, but doubtless wished the cadre of struggling users were simply able to access the site – as did the customers themselves.

Well, worry no longer. The Register managed to get in touch with Plusnet (a bit of a struggle – the press office lacks a telephone number and one operative suggested we take the delightfully retro step of writing a letter as an alternative to email) and soon after Broadband Service Manager Kelly Dorset admitted in a forum post that there was indeed a bug, but a fix was incoming.

A Plusnet spokesperson also told El Reg: "We are aware of an issue that has meant that a small number of customers had problems accessing our member centre, including their online bill. We are working quickly to fix the technical error and this will be resolved later today." ®

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