Webcast: Arm yourself before you go threat hunting in 2019

Join Carbon Black at livestreamed event based on global independent research

Promo As cyber attackers evolve their techniques, businesses are exposed to a relentless stream of worrying data security breaches. The latest big one hit hotel group Marriott International in November 2018, and may have led to the personal information of up to 500 million guests being compromised.

Marriott revealed that an unauthorised party had first gained access to the reservation database of its Starwood subsidiary in 2014, demonstrating yet again how attackers will get into an enterprise and remain undetected for some time. The Marriott hotel chain acquired Starwood in 2016.

New 2019 global independent research from Carbon Black shows that a staggering number of companies have been breached in the past year, with a large proportion reporting that they have fallen victim to multiple breaches.

Cyberattacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated, as nation state actors and crime syndicates continue to leverage fileless attacks, lateral movement, island hopping and counter-incident response in an effort to remain undetected.

This issue is compounded by a lack of resources and budget. Not only is there a major talent deficit in cybersecurity, there is also a major spending delta.

It's estimated that the underground cybercrime community spends upward of $1 trillion annually on developing attacks. By comparison, worldwide businesses are spending about $96bn to protect themselves. Defenders are being outspent by a ratio of 10:1. But according to Carbon Black's research, globally, businesses are largely unaware of the scale, scope, and sophistication of modern attacks.

So what can businesses do? And how can security teams quickly react to these evolving threats? We will explore these questions in more detail as we unveil findings from Carbon Black's new threat report, the first in 2019.

Streaming from a London studio, Rick McElroy, head of security strategy at Carbon Black; Bob Tarzey, independent security analyst; a Carbon Black end user CISO; and author and British radio and television presenter Ian Collins will debate the research, revealing ways that organisations can keep attackers at bay in 2019.

  • Rick is a regular on the speaker circuit, with 15 years of information security experience educating and advising organisations on reducing their risk posture and tackling tough security challenges.
  • Bob writes regular analytical columns for key technical and national media.
  • Ian recently hosted the late-night shows on LBC, one of the most listened-to topical affairs and debate programmes.
  • The Carbon Black CISO comes from a major blue chip retail organisation where he has been implementing a number of new security initiatives.
  • Together they will look at how threats are changing, what island hopping means for CISOs, and tactics for reducing the amount of time that an adversary hunts in your network. They'll compare and contrast the situation in countries across EMEA, Asia Pacific and Canada. They will also discuss how organisations can adapt their behaviours to match the behaviours of their adversaries.

Join Rick, Bob, Ian and our CISO in Carbon Black's Broadcast to hear how you can more effectively tackle escalating attacks.

Just hit play below.

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