Terrified of network downtime? Connectivity collapse? Let analytics banish fear of outages

Cisco says assurance solution will be just the ticket

Promo Infrastructure failure is a major cause of concern for enterprises, incurring huge costs in troubleshooting and a multiplicity of monitoring tools.

Cisco believes organisations should strengthen the reliability of their networks by following the emerging trend of what it calls intent-based networks, which use machine learning to incorporate analytics and automation.

Here’s how the networking giant advises you to make it happen.

First, simplify troubleshooting by centralising analytics for all the devices attached to it. Cisco claims a software solution such as its Cisco DNA Center Assurance provides all-round visibility of your network, making it easier to manage all its devices and services. And insights into current and historical events help your team respond faster to disruptions.

Can you maintain a consistently good user experience on your wireless network? Clearer visibility into interference, congestion and data throughput helps you to prevent network degradation and downtime.

Make the most of the data your network already holds. Real-time and historical analytics can put that data to work to detect problems before they happen.

What about problems that happen outside your campus? Built on disparate networks that are beyond the control of your IT team, the WAN can be difficult to monitor.

Cisco launched recently its SD-WAN vAnalytics solution to extends network visibility and assurance across the WAN.

Harnessing Analytics in a structured way can eliminate the risk of failures caused by human error when you make network changes. You can also check application performance against business needs and minimise risk by assuring network security policies.

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