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Blow 'em Huawei: Rival Fujitsu tops Chinese array in flashy SPC-1 benchmark brawl

10 million IOPS and counting

Huawei has been knocked off its position at the top of the SPC-1 storage benchmark rankings by Fujitsu, with a 10 million IOPS+ array blowing away Huawei's 7 million IOPS OceanStor.

The SPC-1 benchmark tests a business-type, block-access workload and allows data to be compressed and/or deduplicated.

Hope springs Eternus: Fujitsu lobs fresh top-end array at flashy storage crowd


Fujitsu's weapon of choice for SPC-1 was a rack-scale ETERNUS 8900 S4 array fitted with 576 x 400GB SAS SSDs and running compression. It supplied 44 PRIMERGY servers with block data across Fibre Channel links.

The thing produced 10,001,522 SPC-1 IOPS at – wait for it – a whopping total cost of $6.44m (PDF*). That means every 1,000 IOPS (K-IOPS) cost $644.16. By way of comparison, Huawei's 7 million IOPS Huawei OceanStor 18000 V3 system cost $2.64m, giving it a much lower $376.96/K-IOPS rating.

Two systems cost even more than Fujitsu on this scale. NetApp's A800, which scored 2,401,171 IOPS in July 2018, was assessed at $1,154.53 $/K-IOPS. This was exceeded by IBM's DS8888 with its 1,500,187 IOPS in November 2016, which was rated at $1,313.44 $/K-IOPS. High-end arrays tend to cost big bucks.

DataCore drops SPC-1 bombshell


Fujitsu's effort shows at least one supplier outside of China has the bottle to take on Huawei, unlike every US block array supplier since IBM back in 2016. ®

* The benchmark calculates $/SPC-1 IOPS based on submitted price but not all firms use discounted pricing – there's a PDF with a components pricing table on every single SPC-1 entry, if you're curious.

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