How will Serverless change your life? Find out this November

Serverless Computing London 2019: Blind bird ticket offer ends soon

Promo Whether you're planning your first foray into Functions, are ready to get your initial Lambda experiments into production, or want to take your current FaaS set-up to the next level, you should join us at our Serverless Computing London conference.

And until the end of May, you can grab tickets for our two day conference at our knockdown blind bird rate, saving you hundreds of pounds on the full price.

That means you can learn from a lineup of 40 experts in the key Serverless platforms, including AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, Google Cloud Functions, and more, as well as the key tools and approaches you need to help you get your projects into production.

But we’ll be taking the wider view too, with deep dives into key areas like containers, security, monitoring and what Serverless means for your legacy applications.

This all takes place from November 6 to 8 at the QE II Conference Centre in Central London, slap bang in the heart of the biggest tech community in Europe. But hurry - once we post the programme, the blind bird offer ends, and the prices go up.

You can get more details, check out last year's speakers, and buy those blind bird tickets at the Serverless Computing London website.

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