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Register Lecture: Space Invaders and spamming the Final Frontier

Smart strategies for ambitious humans

Elon Musk dreams of life on Mars, but why stop there? Why not dream really big? What would it take for a group of creatures – not necessarily those living on Earth – to colonise the entire universe?

Enter the Fermi paradox – "Where is everybody?" Physicist Enrico Fermi, father of the nuclear reactor, in the 1950s noted that given the age and size of the universe there should exist a number of parallel civilisations. No contact means either no aliens – or that the job is too big, even for somebody like Elon.

Scientists have since sought to untangle the paradox – among them, Anders Sandberg of the Future Humanity Institute of Oxford University.

Anders delivered our May 2019 lecture discussing his work calculating what it would take for a "technologically mature" civilisation to conduct ongoing, large-scale settlement of the universe – and to do so using a fleet of craft in just six hours.

Strap yourself in and enjoy the video of Anders' video. ®

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