Prepare to foil cybercriminals at SANS Krakow 2019

Hackers are raising their game. You need to do the same

Promo Organisations can no longer afford to sit back and hope their security measures will protect them from determined and inventive adversaries who know how to get around most of today’s security and monitoring tools.

Training specialist SANS Institute is holding an event in Krakow from 27 May to 1 June that will help cybersecurity professionals at all levels to understand their organisation's IT system vulnerabilities and prevent the bad guys from getting their hands on its precious data.

Two courses taught by leading cyber security practitioners are available, both offering the chance to gain GIAC Certification. SANS pledges that attendees will be able to apply their knowledge as soon as they return to work.

Advanced incident response, threat hunting, and digital forensics

The key is to be on constant lookout for attackers that get past security systems and catch their intrusions in progress rather than waiting for them to do their worst.

Learn how to detect breaches, identify compromised systems, perform damage assessments, contain and remediate incidents and build up your knowledge of threats and adversaries.

The course covers threat hunting techniques that use known adversary behaviours to identify data breaches and generate accurate intelligence that help you spot intrusions.

Network penetration testing and ethical hacking

Discover dozens of methods for gaining access to systems to measure business risk.

With comprehensive coverage of tools and techniques, this course will give you a thorough grounding for conducting high-value penetration testing projects end to end, with more than 30 challenging hands-on labs.

Start with planning, scoping and recon, then dive into scanning, target exploitation, password attacks and web app manipulation. You will learn to study a target's infrastructure by mining blogs, search engines and social networking sites.

The course ends with a real-world penetration test scenario.

More information and registration details here.

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