Sharpen your security skills at SANS Dublin 2019

Train to outwit the cybercriminals

Promo No organisation can afford to sit back and relax, trusting its IT systems to be impenetrable. However thorough you are, your cyber security measures may be insufficient to protect you from the growing numbers of cybercriminals who know how to get past most monitoring tools.

Cyber security training specialist SANS Institute is staging an event in Dublin from 13-18 May that promises to teach security professionals the skills they need to keep their organisation’s vital data safe.

Four intensive courses led by leading cyber security practitioners are scheduled, covering topics such as ethical hacking, penetration testing, digital forensics and network forensics.

All the courses prepare attendees for a valuable GIAC certification, Attackers are always evolving, and having a GIAC cert prepares you to better protect against them.

Advanced incident response, threat hunting, and digital forensics Rather than wait till the damage is done, the key is to look for attacks that get past security systems and catch intrusions in progress. Threat hunting uses known adversary behaviours to learn the malware indicators and patterns of activity that could signal an intrusion.

Advanced network forensics: threat hunting, analysis, and incident response Whether you handle intrusions, data theft or employee misuse, the network often provides a clear view of an incident. Learn to examine communications to reveal unidentified incidents or evidence in investigations.

Hacker tools, techniques, exploits, and incident handling Gain hands-on experience in finding vulnerabilities and discovering intrusions that use cutting-edge attack methods as well as tried and tested old ones. The course also covers legal issues such as employee monitoring, working with law enforcement and handling evidence.

Network penetration testing and ethical hacking Discover the tools and techniques for network penetration testing. Start with planning, scoping and recon, then dive into scanning, target exploitation, password attacks and web app manipulation. More than 30 hands-on labs prepare you to discover the holes in your system.

Full details on the courses and how to register are here

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