A flash of inspiration: How to make artificial intelligence work for you

Scaling up for the future, the Pure Storage way

Sponsored webcast Most companies today are aware that artificial intelligence and machine learning are set to play an ever more important role within businesses, from anticipating customers' needs to automating and streamlining processes.

But look behind the glowing hype surrounding AI's potential, and you find delivering it is not as simple as it appears.

Businesses hold growing volumes of data, though often their pipelines are restricted by the constraints of their hardware. Many organisations still rely on spinning magnetic disks to store and deliver data.

The resulting compromises between traditional storage and flash and cloud-based models can create bottlenecks in the delivery of AI.

In our webinar – which starts at 11am BST / 12pm CEST on April 17 – Ryan Sayre, global technologist at flash storage vendor Pure Storage, cuts though the complexities and helps you to define the right combination of hardware and software your business needs to make the most of AI and analytics.

Tune in to hear discussion the following topics:

  • The AI hype compared with the business realities
  • How to set out your data management and framework needs
  • The hyperscale potential: what leading-edge technologies can offer
  • When to use what and what skills you will need at each stage of your AI journey
  • It's not just about business value: AI's broader impact

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