What happens when your legacy platforms meet DevOps, Containers and CD?

Find out at Continuous Lifecycle London next month

Events It's one thing using the latest tools and methodologies to build from the ground up - quite another to use them alongside your legacy software setup.

That's why at our Continuous Lifecycle London conference next month, we'll be discussing what DevOps, Containers, and Continuous Delivery can do for the systems you have, not just the one you’d like.

For example Sense Health's Umar Nizamani will be talking about Revamping a Legacy Backend using Terraform and Ansible, while Piksel's Dave Clark will discuss how to apply the principles that have made DevOps successful to a broader set of problems.

Other recent additions to our speaker lineup include Phill Barber on Using Acceptance Tests as Monitors, while Lufthansa’s Tobias Matern joins us to reveal how he combined Git, a CI server and OpenShift to set up a reliable, monitorable and speedy workflow.

These are just four out of 36 conference sessions which will be covering topics ranging from DevOps culture to the practical use of containers, and key tools from Prometheus to Terraform. And of course, we have two superb keynote speakers in the shape of Kubernetes and Google Compute Engine co-founder, and Heptio CTO Joe Beda, and Squarespace's Tanya Reilly.

If you want to dive even deeper, there are still a few places left in two of our workshops - Advanced Kubernetes with Tobias Bradkte and Serverless Computing on AWS with Mike Roberts.

This all happens at the QEII Centre in Westminster, London, from May 14 to 16, and we’ll ensure the food and drink are as substantial as the subject matter. You can see full details and grab tickets at the CLL website here. ®

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