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Promo High-profile cases of successful attacks on critical industrial control systems show the growing importance of protecting your organization or facing a turbulent future. Malware delivered by ever more creative methods can find its way to plant floors, encrypting critical files or wiping them altogether.

For security professionals charged with protecting their organisations against such incidents, training company SANS Institute is staging its annual ICS Europe Summit on June 24-29 in Munich, Germany.

The event offers a series of informative talks by leading figures in the ICS sector:

ICS down! It's Go time Christopher Robinson, Principal Consultant, industrial control systems at security software firm Cylance, outlines the challenges and pitfalls an ICS incident response team might encounter.

OT security requirements vs real-life stories Łukasz Maciejewski, Security Manager at IT consultancy Accenture, discusses how companies’ focus on speed of implementation can lead to risk negligence. The talk includes real-life examples of how security is weakened for the sake of functionality and shows how to marry the two.

Extending an IT security operation centre to include critical systems Listen to Markus Braendle, Head of Cyber at Airbus, provide a real use case study of Airbus as an asset owner

Using ICS/SCADA honeypots the right way Fake devices or networks, known as honeypots, have been around for decades but few asset owners are using them. Mikael Vingaard, Preparedness Manager at Denmark’s state-owned gas supplier Energinet, demonstrates the value of honeypots in industrial networks and offers guidance on deploying them.

Extend your learning experience further by combining the summit attendance with SANS ICS Training. You can choose to combine the summit with any of the three ICS courses on offer:

ICS/SCADA security essentials A foundational set of standardised skills for industrial cybersecurity professionals.

Essentials for NERC critical infrastructure protection Learn from the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s critical infrastructure protection plan.

ICS active defence and incident response A hands-on approach to monitoring and responding to malware threatening ICS such as Stuxnet, Havex and BlackEnergy2.

More information about the event and registration details are available here


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