Enter the minds of hackers at the SANS Pen Test Hackfest Europe

Add new skills to your security arsenal to stay one step ahead

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Promo Organisations can no longer ignore the growing problem of cybercrime, with ransomware affecting enterprises of all sizes while state-sponsored adversaries and others attempt to obtain access to their most critical data.

Addressing the need for skilled staff able to detect and plug vulnerabilities in their IT systems, cybersecurity training specialist SANS Institute is staging its first Pen Test Hackfest Europe Summit and Training event from July 22-28 in Berlin, Germany.

Whether you are a security defender, penetration tester, digital forensics expert or working in any other field of cybersecurity, the one-of-a-kind event offers a choice of expertly led, hands-on courses that will sharpen the battle skills you need to outwit the ever more devious data thieves and hackers.

As well as lab training and discussions, all the courses offer valuable professional certification.

The choice of course includes the following.

Hacker tools, techniques, exploits, and incident handling Follow a step-by-step response to computer incidents and examine legal issues such as employee monitoring, working with law enforcement and handling evidence.

Network penetration testing and ethical hacking Hands-on labs prepare you to conduct end-to end penetration testing. Start with planning, scoping and recon, then dive into scanning, target exploitation, password attacks and web app manipulation. Study a target's infrastructure by mining blogs, search engines and social networking sites.

Mobile device security and ethical hacking Carried about by every user, full of sensitive data and running on all kinds of wireless technologies. mobile devices are the biggest threat target in most organisations. Examine the security strengths and weaknesses of Apple iOS and Android devices.

Defeating advanced adversaries: Purple Team tactics and kill chain defences A course based on the Purple Team concept, with a third team mediating between an attacking red team and defending blue team. Learn how to defend against the latest attack strategies using military-style kill chain tactics.

Wireless penetration testing and ethical hacking A technical, hands-on penetration testing course designed to help identify and defend against threats to wireless systems. It covers not only on ubiquitous WiFi but technologies such as Bluetooth, ZigBee, Z-Wave, wireless phones, radio-frequency identification and contactless smart cards.

Advanced web app penetration testing, ethical hacking and exploitation techniques Web applications are growing more complex as they employ new technologies and support ever-more critical operations. Lectures and hands-on exercises are designed to teach techniques for testing the security of internal enterprise web applications as well as internet-facing ones. The course culminates in a Capture the Flag challenge at which to display your newly acquired skills.

Find full details of the event and register right here.


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