Cert authority Sectigo whisks infosec biz Icon Labs into IoT security kit

Secure boot, local CA for your network o' widgets, and more

Certificate authority (CA) Sectigo, the artist formerly known as Comodo CA, has bought out security biz Icon Labs.

Icon Labs will be absorbed into Sectigo's IoT Security Platform product, we are told, "with the industry-first ability to use purpose-built IoT issuance from a trusted third-party CA".

The price was not disclosed, though Sectigo will doubtless be glad to have got its corporate mitts on Icon's IP.

The IoT Security Platform product is billed as providing secure boot verification through embedded APIs used to verify code integrity before execution, as well as firewalls, securing remote updates and more. It also includes an on-premises CA function.

"For the first time, embedded security technology is combined with device authentication and identity management to provide customers with a complete IoT security platform that solves many of the challenges presented by the rising number of threats," said Bill Holtz, chief exec of Sectigo, of today's buyout.

A couple of years ago, Icon Labs declared that it had developed a certificate-based PKI security product, Floodgate CA, which it targeted at certificate authorities.

At the time of its 2017 release, Icon Labs prez Alan Grau said in a canned statement: "This is the only security solution that provides both the client and server side required to automate secure provisioning and enrolment."

Sectigo is owned by investment house Francisco Partners, which houses a slack handful of security-related businesses in its investment portfolio – which once included spyware firm the NSO Group.

Industry analyst Gartner once called Icon Labs a "cool vendor". We're not quite sure if that's a good thing. ®

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