Amazon Web Services pulls out the stops to speed you to the cloud

Helpful videos, ebooks, whitepapers and more now online to help you get onto the world's top cloud platform

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Sponsored Cloud computing brings a host of benefits, from the ability to respond quickly to market dynamics to scalability and flexible cost structures. Little wonder that it is becoming an increasingly attractive option for enterprises of all sizes.

The most popular and convenient choice of cloud platform for many companies considering a move away from on-premises IT infrastructure is longstanding market leader AWS Cloud.

Now the company is aiming to spread the message even further of what AWS Cloud can bring to businesses, explaining the platform’s wide range of advantages, and offering detailed advice right here on how to accelerate your move to the cloud.

The big drawback of on-premises systems is that they pile up workarounds and quick fixes that save time in the short term but restrict the business’s ability to innovate and make changes.

AWS shines a bright light on how its cloud platform can cut the business loose from cumbersome legacy systems and supercharge its transformation. Escaping inefficient workloads and reducing disruption at every change frees time for imaginative IT teams to pursue new projects and create value for the business.

Many companies find that a good place to start on their path to the AWS Cloud is with any of these three widely used apps: SAP, VMware, and Microsoft. As a longstanding SAP partner, AWS promises to get SAP workloads up safely and reduce its cost of ownership.

For enterprises reluctant to move virtual machines from the data centre to the cloud, VMware Cloud on AWS provides a seamless solution. AWS also runs hundreds of thousands of Microsoft workloads covering every Microsoft application.

Moving to AWS also means you can start using cutting edge technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation without having to find the time and expertise to build them yourself.

Find out how AWS aims to ease the migration path of cloud newcomers through the support of its professional services team, its training programmes for companies internal IT staff, and technology advice from its global spread of partners.

The company has also set up an AWS Migration Acceleration Program that includes a methodology for implementing legacy migrations and a set of automation tools to simplify them.

It’s all here, with helpful videos, ebooks and whitepapers. Check it out.


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