There's an explosion of devices on your network. How can you manage it all? Help is here: Cisco DNA Assurance

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Sponsored From offices and hospitals to factories, hotels and universities, all say more wireless devices than ever are joining their networks.

Nowadays every employee has a handheld or two that they connect to the network, every visitor comes with several gadgets, and the number of devices per person continually grows.

In the age of the Internet of Things, there is hardly a new product, from a light bulb to a piece of medical diagnostic equipment, that is not connected to a network, or that won’t be tomorrow.

IT has to provide uninterrupted connectivity to all these users and devices, but the more connections we open up, the greater the exposure to risk. Networks and unmanaged devices must be protected not only from data theft but from ransomware that can take down an entire businesses as well as devastating, shape-changing botnets.

With IT budgets failing to keep pace with these developments, how do you do more with less, and how do you find time for new IT projects that set your company apart?

It’s hard to see everything happening on your network, however, Cisco claims its Cisco DNA Assurance application can. It turns network devices into sensors, offering clear visibility that helps administrators manage all connected devices and services, solve issues before they become serious, pinpoint where and when problems occurred, and ensure a better user experience.

A simple dashboard shows overall status and flags up issues, then automates the resolution to keep your network working at its best without time-consuming manual troubleshooting.

If you want to find out more, why not book a demo to see how Cisco DNA Assurance can help you:

  • Save time managing and troubleshooting your network
  • Deliver a better user experience across your wired and wireless network
  • Make managing all of your connected devices and services easy

You can book your session here.

You can read more about building a network that's ready for the device explosion in this ZK Research report.


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