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We asked readers what DXC should be known for... and of course you came up with the goods

You lovely bunch of, um, brand strategists. We knew you'd treat them right

El Reg this week asked readers to lean their e-bike against the Japanese maple that overlooks the strategy boutique to help Ed Ho, GM for the Build division at DXC Technology, determine what his employer's brand stands for.

Our legions of readers, of course, knew exactly how to give DXC execs the full treatment, saving cash that otherwise might have ended up in the hands of well-meaning consultancies. Here are some of the gems you delivered:

  1. The company that can't even decide what is good about itself. If their own presumably well paid top brass don't know, and can't express it clearly, then how can anyone else be expected to take them seriously? – said reader SVV
  2. "Can't we just... have the poo emoji and call it job done? It can even be the one with a smiley face if they feel it needs to be 'friendlier'." – Rameses Niblick the Third Kerplunk Kerplunk Whoops Where's My Thribble?
  3. We also had reader Scoured Frisbee offering a veritable cornucopia of helpful slogans, among them, "DXC: 'nothing' is our middle name".
  4. Lastly, Aristotle's slow and dimwitted horse opined: "As they still retain some part of the HP DNA, they could simply re-imagine, re-brand or rehash some of the old HP marketing materials to be "at DXC, we're not satisfied until you're not satisfied."

Vote for some of the most upvoted faves in our poll below...

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