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Fsck it, we've lost Bitbucket: webhook integration fails after API tweaked

Get thee down to the pub, fix out over the weekend maybe

Docker botherer's webhook integration with Bitbucket is looking a bit green around the gills.

Atlassian's source shack had noted some time ago that it would be changing its API in response to the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018.

It followed that up with a warning that by the end of April 2019 it would be making some wholesale changes to Bitbucket user objects, among others, to hand over a bit more control of what data is available to whom.

To quote an anonymous Register reader: "It appears didn't get Atlassian's memo."

He went on to tell us: "I've been getting attacked left, right and center by developers since yesterday afternoon." And an enraged developer can be a fearsome thing.

The problem means that one of's party tricks, automated builds of containers, is a no-no for Bitbucket users using webhooks to link the platforms.

The idea of's service is "to automate your container builds, with integration to GitHub, Bitbucket, and more". Sure, but only if you keep track of API changes.

At the time of publication, the status page for notes the borkage (referred to a "Partial Outage") as: "Due to a recent change in Bitbucket's API, Bitbucket triggers are currently non-operative. We are working on a fix to address this change from Bitbucket."

Which seems a little harsh since Atlassian has hardly concealed its privacy plans. A hardworking support operative at confirmed the problem was indeed that pesky API tweak, but said the company's developers were working to get a fix out over the weekend. is the hosted incarnation of Red Hat's on-premises container registry service and came as part of the firm's acquisition of CoreOS at the beginning of 2018. CoreOS purchased Quay back in 2014. A popular pricing option for the hosted service is $60/month for 20 private repos, although solitary devs can score the service for $15/month for five private repositories.

So long as they don't want any of that automation nonsense with Bitbucket, of course. Until deals with the problem, builds will need to be kicked off via a manual upload or some custom git integration. ®

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