Watch online: How to navigate your route to Office 365 adoption

Take the right steps for a hassle-free deployment

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Sponsored webcast Office 365 is the solution many organisations gravitate towards when they are looking to move from legacy office applications to a more flexible, mobile-friendly solution for sharing documents and collaborating with colleagues and clients.

However, adoption of Microsoft’s online services application is not always a simple process. Your company’s IT estate may be fragmented and complex, and some of your departments may already have taken matters into their own hands and deployed Office 365 independently.

All this can result in extra costs and management overheads, as well as making what should be a relatively simple migration more complicated than it need be.

Tune in to our webinar at 10am BST on Thursday 11 July to learn to see how best to deal with the most common issues and their consequences. An expert team from Quadrotech, a provider of Office 365 migration and management tools, will cover the following topics:

  • What are the migration and management options and how to decide between them
  • How to approach Office 365 adoption in a non-green-field organisation
  • Where to go next: processes, tricks and gotchas

Whether you are looking to move to Office 365 and want to avoid encountering unexpected challenges, or have already travelled some way along the road to adoption and are trying to manage the result, sign up and bring any burning questions you may have.

You can register for the event right here.


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