Video: The future of faster enterprises

The benefits of cloud in a fast-moving future

Promo Amazon Web Services is launching a series of videos to illustrate the various ways its cloud can help businesses innovate and prosper.

Watch the video, The Future of Faster Enterprises, to hear Miriam McLemore, enterprise strategist at AWS and former corporate CIO at the Coca Cola Company, share her insights into how startup enterprises benefit from moving to the cloud, based on her experiences at both companies.

First, she offers some alarming statistics. Did you know that the average lifespan of a large listed company has fallen from 67 years back in the 1920s to 15 years today?

Two thirds of organisations’ IT budgets are spent on keeping the lights on rather than investing in new capabilities.

And what keeps some business leaders awake at night are concerns about security threats: 66 per cent of CEOs worry that risks are rising and their management capabilities are falling behind.

McLemore says cloud enabled companies like Coca Cola are able to counter these challenges. “Cloud offers the benefits of allowing you to focus on differentiation, speed of innovation, and enhanced security, and we experienced all of those when we moved to the cloud,” she says.

Moving to the cloud is not simply a matter of retraining IT teams accustomed to legacy systems, she says. As well as technological change, organisations must undergo a cultural transformation.

AWS has a strong culture of innovation and flexibility. Its employees work in small groups (known as two-pizza teams) and are encouraged to think of their own products, even if they ultimately fail.

Developing products in the cloud reduces the cost of these failures, which the company positively encourages as part of a valuable learning process, and accelerates products’ speed to market.

“Getting out of the monolithic development cycles we all grew up with lets you devote more resources to the things that really matter,” she says.

You can watch the video here.

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