Cloudy with a chance of colocation: Taiwan's Delta Electronics rolls out beastly 600kVA UPS

I like big data centres and I cannot lie

Taiwanese power distribution and thermal management specialist Delta Electronics has introduced a mammoth of a UPS system designed for the needs of the largest of bit barns.

The latest box in the Ultron DPS range [isn't that a copyright violation? – Ed] can provide up to 600kVA of apparent power – and a maximum of eight systems can be linked in parallel to supply multiple megawatts.

The UPS can be equipped with lithium ion batteries and promises unity output power factor – when every kVA equals 1kW – which means it can support more IT equipment than traditional double conversion units. AC-AC conversion efficiency is quoted at up to 96.5 per cent.

According to Delta, Ultron DPS is among the best in the world in terms of the ratio of capacity to its footprint, something that frees up more space for revenue-generating IT racks – and yes, the system is primarily aimed at colocation and cloud providers, rather than owners of enterprise server farms.

According to recent research by IHS, the colocation market will be growing at an average of 8.4 per cent through to 2023, reaching $38.8bn. In the same period, the cloud market will be growing at 16 per cent annually, reaching $410bn.

Charles Tsai, Delta CTO of ICT Infrastructure Solutions, said colocation and cloud customers have voiced an "urgent need for megawatt power capacity, an optimised footprint, and smarter management to facilitate their operations and maintenance for such IT-heavy hyperscale data centres."

Delta makes a bunch of data centre kit, including racks and cabinets, UPS systems, network switches, in-row and room-based cooling equipment, aisle containment gear, modular data hall enclosures, and all-in-one data centres that fit inside standard ISO shipping containers.

It also develops its own brand of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software, which looks after the non-IT elements of the facility – power and cooling, temperature and humidity sensors, fire suppression systems, and the like.

The company wares are available in Europe via Norway's Eltek, which it acquired in 2015.

Delta has said it will release 1,200kVA UPSes in the near future, allowing for a megawatt of capacity in a single rack. ®

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