Share your story: Continuous Lifecycle 2020 call for papers is open NOW – what are you waiting for?

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Event The Continuous Lifecycle London 2020 call for papers is open, and we want to hear what you’ve been doing over the past 12 months.

At next year's conference, we will examine the full gamut of devops, application lifecycle management, continuous delivery, cloud native software, and container technologies and methodologies in almost 40 sessions over two days plus a day of hands-on technical workshops.

And because we want the finest speakers, with the deepest experience, and the most interesting stories about how they’ve transformed their operations, or mastered the trickiest of technologies, we naturally want to hear from you.

You may have transformed a creaking legacy system into a state of the art, cloud native operation – and brought your long-time workforce along with you. You may have spun up a whole new operation from scratch, using nothing but some solid cloud native principles. Or you may be carrying the as-yet unwritten manual for some of the trickiest new open-source container orchestration technology in your head – and want to explain to a few hundred people.

Whatever it is, we want to hear about. All we ask is that your proposal is hype-free, and helps our attendees tackle their own real-world problems.

The deadline for proposals is October 25. Our programme committee will then get to work, and we plan to have a draft program by the beginning of December. If you’re on the schedule, you get free entry to the entire conference.

Full details of the event, including the call for papers procedure and our code of conduct, are right here. ®


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