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You'll never guess what US mad lads Throwflame have strapped to a drone (clue: it does exactly what it says on the tin)

America. Fsck yeah

US firm Throwflame is selling – you guessed it – a flamethrower attachment for drones.

The TF-19 WASP requires a reasonably hefty lifting platform – the company recommends a drone capable of carrying a 2.2kg or 5lb load. But the guys from Ohio are happy to help out and supply a suitable machine to strap your flamethrower to if required.

The $1,499 flamethrower has a one-gallon fuel tank good for 100 seconds of firing time and a 25-foot (7.62m) range.

It burns through a mixture of petrol and diesel, although the company also offers napalm thickener – one scoop per gallon of 50:50 petrol-diesel mixture.

Throwflame recommends it for controlling forest and remote agricultural burns, mostly illegal in the UK so hopefully no flame-spitting hell birds will be hovering around Gatwick for the foreseeable.

But the flying fire dispensers are also good for "pest management and nest elimination" and to "clear debris from power lines".

We can also see domestic uses from lighting barbecues to clearing the garden of weeds, cats or neighbourhood children. We're guessing it would also be an excellent way of getting rid of other annoying drones.

Throwflame offers a range of firey products if you wish to keep your feet on the ground.

The napalm-compatible standalone flamethrower XL18 provides a 100-foot (30m) range and a 3.3-gallon (12.5 litre) tank, but with a price tag just short of $3,000.

The company's FAQ is reassuring, or even blasé, on the legalities: "Flamethrowers are legal and unregulated in most counties. Chances are, we can ship to you."

Happily, it reckons the devices are pretty much maintenance-free, although recommends draining the tank before putting them into storage.

We can only hope the development won't mean an even higher bill for the UK's already eye-watering drone-owner database.

Anyone considering a purchase should act fast – all flamethrowers are currently shipping with a free T-shirt. ®

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