Google aims to train two million Indian Android devs by 2018

2000 universities and 4000 academics are already aboard

Google will train two million Android developers across India over the next three years.

Mountain View will provide complete training in its Android operating system under a new program that is paired with the Modi Government's "Skill India" program.

The course kicks off with Android Developer Fundamentals available in universities and the National Skills Development Corporation of India.

This is followed by the new Associate Android Developer Certification introduced by Google for the Indian market to help graduates land jobs.

Google hopes to reach 2000 universities and train 4000 faculty in its bid to train some 250,000 developers each year.

Google product manager Caeser Sengupta told local reporters at the program launch the course consists of end-to-end Android training, training channels, and the Associate Android Developer Certification.

"By building a world class curriculum and making it easily accessible to millions of students and developers in India, we want to contribute to the Skill India initiative and help make India the global leader in mobile app development," Sengupta said.

The subcontinent is set to house four million developers, the world's largest population, within two years. At present only a quarter build for mobile platforms.

India's adopting smartphones at a tremendous rate, so plenty of these newly-trained devs will find work on domestic projects. Plenty will also contemplate offering their skills to the global market, a notion Google doubtless understands very well.

Apple has also opened a development facility in Bangalore to help developers build iOS apps. ®

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